Tips for an affordable Classic Kenya Safari

Each year it is a lot of fun to plan  for that Kenyan Safari vacation or a family vacation getaway. But as the economic uncertainty continues, many families are attempting to plan their holiday on a very tight budget. Here are some suggestions that you can put into place to help you get the Kenyan Classic Safari that you want, at a price you can afford.

The main key to saving money is not leaving your planning to the last minute. When you book hotels or flights too close to your intended travel date, you are going to be paying premium cost for leaving it so close to the travel date. The earlier you book your travel and accommodation needs, the cheaper it will be. Sometimes you can even get extra discounts simply because the provider is trying to stimulate sales within a certain travel period. So keep an eye out on those travel emails and nab a bargain when you can.

The most popular, heavily advertised attractions at your intended destination will be the most expensive to do. This is because they are designed to capture every part of your tourist dollar. From entry fees, to meals, to rides, attending big name attractions can easily mount up to several hundred dollars for a family over a day or two.

Consider finding alternative forms of entertainment at your holiday destination instead. You will be surprised at how many other options are available for your amusement at a much better cost once you look outside the predictable norm.

Be flexible in your dates and days when planning to travel. Weekends always cost a lot more than weekdays for both flights and accommodation. So if you have the flexibility available, you will get better deals if you are able to travel outside of peak times. The Internet will be your best friend when you are looking for things to see and do, no matter what area you are visiting. Every location generally has a website dedicated to things that are currently happening in that area, as well as lists of attractions that are worth visiting. There are also forums that will give consumer reviews on accommodations, restaurants and entertainment options.

Read these carefully so you can decide what gives the best bang for your buck! Everybody is vying to attract your dollar so have a look at websites that are dedicated to attractions and eating options located in the area that you are visiting. Often, you can easily locate coupons or vouchers that will give you discounts on both meals and entry fees to things you are planning to visit.

It is rare that you should have to pay full price for any attraction so it is well worth the time to do a little online research ahead of time.
Your Kenyan Safari Vacation or family vacation can be the holiday of a lifetime, all you need to do is give the trip a little forethought so that you can avail yourself to the best deals that are available. Don’t pay through the nose for a trip when you can save considerable money just by planning ahead. The money you save in doing so will allow your family to do so much more while you are away together, and those are the memories that will last you a lifetime.