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About Seremara Safaris

Seremara Safaris is a established Tours and travels Company in Nairobi Kenya. We specialize in creating custom safaris that showcase the beauty of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The mesmerizing countries of Eastern Africa. Our team of professionals is committed to meeting a range of safari preferences. We offer personalized safaris for individuals and families travel experiences, group trips and incentives conference arrangements captivating photography safaris well as educational excursions.

Our experienced safari consultants are experts, at bringing your African safari dreams to life. At Seremara Safaris we take pride in refining your ideas to ensure a flawless and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re collaborating with our travel consultants in our office or embarking on an adventure with our trained and adaptable safari guides out, in the field we strive to provide a seamless journey that exceeds expectations.

Why choose Seremara Safaris for your Kenya tours and travels? We pride ourselves on our commitment, to quality and integrity. From the moment you first get in touch with us we promise to offer you the experience in the travel and safari industry. During the planning phase we provide prices for our services. Once your trip begins you can trust our reliable and flexible guides to take care of everything.

As a tours and travels company associated with safaribookings.com, which’s the online marketplace for African safari holidays Seremara Safaris also believes in social corporate responsibility. We work together with Kickstart Kibera, a charity dedicated to providing education for children living in Kibera one of Africas slums. By offering guided tours of the slum area we provide an experience that sheds light on how people can find happiness in simplicity.

Furthermore we create opportunities for individuals in sponsoring a childs education because we believe that every child born into poverty deserves access to education and the chance to transform their lives. Take a look at our vacation package deals and holiday trip packages today to truly immerse yourself in the essence of holidays, with Seremara Safaris.

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Why Choose us?

Customized Packages
We create unique Safari packages and holiday packages to suit your holiday needs and at the best possible price.

Friendly Support
We treat our guests as a family and are just a click away from our customer support. Our travel consultants are available 24×7.

Best Travel Deals
We offer the best pocket-friendly deals for all kinds of African Safari holiday needs.

Reliable Safari guides
Our safari guides in the field are well-trained, reliable and flexible to ensure a smooth and seamless trip.


As compared with earlier times where a reservation personnel has to update its inventory every time.

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You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonder ful place in the world. But it requires people.


As compared with earlier times where a reservation personnel has to update its inventory every time.


As compared with earlier times where a reservation personnel has to update its inventory every time.